Risk is defined as the possibility of any negative occurrence that may happen due to external or internal factors, and that may be mitigated through preventive actions. There is no projects that would not have risk. So, every projects should be prevented from risk to deliver our products with no…

Not defined and Undefined” in JS are not the same thing. Let’s discuss what they actually means.

Not defined: It occurs when you consoled the variable without defining it. Moving deep down, To be consoled it must be in the memory space right ! so, without defining any variable, how would it supposed to take the memory space. So, this will cause the error ‘not defined’.

Undefined: Undefined occurs when you have consoled the variable before it is initialized. Moving deep down, When you console any variable before initializing, In Javascript memory the variable has already taken up the space for that variable name with no value in it, but undefined is initialized to that variable.

Hello, I am a sophomore student at ACHS (Asian College of Higher Studies) College, pursuing my bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology(CSIT). …

Marketing is something that is either physically or digitally to make your company grow, and reach out to those people who are actually in need of it. If we talk about digital marketing then generally it is done from Instagram , Facebook, youtube right.

So, let’s talk about daraz, sastodeal…

API is nothing but the connection between the two systems.

For example :

HERE budhha airlines is a main boss whos service is being used by the esewa, khalti, and IME Pay.

Esewa , Khalti , and IME Pay are the three tech apps . and we have to book…


use of color :

  • brand,
  • information,
  • message passing,


1.primary color (R, G, B)

2.secondary color (there are six color , mixing all the colors from rgb)

3.tertiary color

-the color pattern is formed when you mix the color from secingary color . …

Here are some of the photoshop shortcuts that i have been using since i have started working on photoshop. These shortcuts has really helped me to work faster on my daily projects.



If you want to select the particular layer than use the ctrl…

Q.n Computer & Software Engineers Vs CSIT /BCA Engineers?

If you are a technology enthusiast or want to contribute to the information technology sector, there are lots of courses in Nepal that would align with your dream. But, the situation comes, when you can’t decide whether you should go for…

What are the list of some popular words which can be replaced by more powerdul words, that you use in your daily conversation so you can nail your conversation?

-Here it goes,

Like: adore, admire, cherish, fancy

Important: vital, significant, essential

New: updated

Really: significantly

And: moreover, in addition to, furtherore

Interesting: cool, mesmerizing

Good: amazing, fascinating, mesmerizing, impressive

Smart: clever, brilliant, quick-witted, wise, genious

Explain: elaborate

See: glimpse, stare, observe, notice

Also: furthermore, in addition to, moreover

Change: adjust, transform, modify

Said: claimed, stated, declared, argued, suggested

Here are some of the shortcuts that i have been using till the day and ithas been vey helpful throught out my journey of tech career and working rapidly to my work and any sorts of work that i have to do with my computer. …

Mohan Rawat

tech devotee, nerd developer , writer

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