use of color :

  • information,
  • message passing,


1.primary color (R, G, B)

2.secondary color (there are six color , mixing all the colors from rgb)

3.tertiary color

-the color pattern is formed when you mix the color from secingary color . and makes the color wheel of 12 colors in it .


HUE: is just the another word of color.

saturation: high saturation, destauration

value:the lightness and darkness calue of any color (dark,midtone, light)

SHADE: color produced by adding black.

TINT: color produced by adding white.

TONE: Color produced by adding gray.


Monochromatic color :

color made by adding black ,gray and tint(white)

formula 2:

complementary color:

color which are opposite to each other.

formula 3:

triadic color:

triangle formed color in a color wheel.

formula 4:

tetradic color:

uses four colors arranged into two complementary pair.

formula 5:

2–4 colors sitting next to each other on the color wheel. (use this color most of the time, because theyare eye catching and pleasing)

split complementary color:

it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement

formula 7


four colors spaced evenly around the color wheel.



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