PHOTOSHOP SHOTUCUTs, you must know to ace the projects.



If you want to select the particular layer than use the ctrl key otherwise

If you want to select all layers at once if you have to click the first and the last layer holding the shift key.

Ctrl +j — duplicate any object in the photoshop

Ctrl+d — deselect

alt+ctrl+I — image size (generates)

In EYEDROPPER TOOL: WE can directly copy the hex code of that color using the mouse, right-click in the selected color

/ — locks the layer

F- turns the photoshop in full screen

Ctrl tab — changes the windows tab inside the photoshop

If you want to create the new layer just below any layer then hold the alt key on the keyboard and at the same time press the layer button on the photoshop.

Ctrl+j — it allows you to copy the selected portion in the new layer.

Alt+right side shift — the brush will enlarge

Alt+left side shift — the brush will decrease

Alt+upside shift mouse —hardness

Ctrl +E — is used to merge the layers on the photoshop

Ctrl+shift +z — allows you to back to the history

Ctrl +I — will let you to inverse the selection of an object

Alt + right-click — will let you choose the mask.

Ctrl+alt+shift +e — will merge and place in the new layer

Alt+mask — make the black mask

If you want to copy the color code, then don't go through the swatch and looking to the code and pasting, instead, you can just do simple, whichever color you want, go there and clock the mouse right-click and you will see the copy the hex code, you can copy and do your job.

Thank you!!



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