Q.n Computer & Software Engineers Vs CSIT /BCA Engineers?

If you are a technology enthusiast or want to contribute to the information technology sector, there are lots of courses in Nepal that would align with your dream. But, the situation comes, when you can’t decide whether you should go for an engineering degree or CSIT degree. The big question mark comes in your head after you passed the +2 in the science stream whether you should go for a computer engineering or in software or should apply for the BSC-CSIT or BCA. So, the blog is completely aligned to those who are still in a dilemma or entangled to choose their career path. I hope after reading this blog you will be able to decide or no more in confusion regarding this subject matter.

In the case of Nepal, people give high priority to the engineers so, they take engineering courses at the upper stream rather than focusing on what the course is providing. So, I highly recommend whoever is reading the blog don’t get judged accordingly by society’s rumors. Listen to yours and put the decision and march ahead. In this blog, I am not going to talk about which one is better among this, but what are the things that each course focuses on. And, the thing that you have to be clear is, it’s your decision to choose which one best fits you.

Computer engineer:

Bachelor of Computer Engineering is a four-year, eight-semester program of Tribhuvan University. There are altogether 10 engineering colleges in Nepal who are offering this course under affiliation of Tribhuvan University. And, the total number of BE Computer seats at Tribhuvan University is 710.

Computer engineering courses mainly focus on hardware base. It mainly focuses on designing, developing, and operating computer systems. Make a device(computer) to do something workable. Working with digital hardware devices is a core concept in CE.CE emphasizes solving concerns related to the hardware-software interface.

This is the small thing that I can talk to you about in the blog. If you are more interested in what the syllabus that the colleges are offering in the computer engineering field, you can check out from google.

Software Engineer

Software engineering is an engineering branch associated with the development of software products using well-defined scientific principles, methods, and procedures. The outcome of software engineering is an efficient and reliable software product.

Bachelor of Software Engineering program is a 4-year (8 semesters) 133 credit undergraduate engineering program. Graduates of this program possess knowledge and skills of a defined engineering approach to complex systems analysis, planning, design, and construction. The program has a unique, project-driven curriculum, establishing a new model of communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and professionalism.

In the case of Nepal people who are from computer science, software, or IT background, are found to be handling the same job. But you can be more specific to your study and gain a high paying job.


BSC-CSIT is also a 4 years course. Altogether there are 8 semesters during this 4-year tenure. You will be having 2 semesters in a year. This is completely a research-based course. There are topics like cryptography, artificial intelligence, data mining which is very hard to find in the computer and software engineering course. You can see the updated version of course in the CSIT syllabus, which might intrigue you to take the course. If you think this course are really made for you, then you can join this 4-yrs bachelor program.

BSc CSIT covers a minimum 126 credit hours, remember minimum, because we can also add more credit by giving more exams, we have a lot of extra electives.

126 credit hours comes from 75 credit hours of core Computer Science, 15 credit hours of electives, 12 credit hours of Natural Science, 6 credit hours of Management, 6 credit hours of math, 3 credit hours of Technical Writing and 9 credit hours form Project and Internship


Tribhuvan University has launched a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program from the academic year 2074/75. In the first phase, this program was launched in six (6) constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University and are allocated 35 seats each.

Currently, 120 colleges are running a BCA program with the affiliation from Tribhuvan University. The BCA program of TU is of 4 years. The program runs on a semester system. It will be run under the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences. This course is newly formed in Nepal under the Tribhuvan university affiliation so that people might think, it doesn’t have a scope like a CSIT, but the thing is not like that.

BCA course is a bit easier than the CSIT and all other computer program courses. Questions may arise like, would I be eligible for the job that the csit do or any other IT program? Here the syllabus content and your profound skills on the particular subject matter determine. There is no course like cryptography inside a BCA syllabus, so after you graduate, you are not eligible for the cryptography job placement. You can approach high scale industry companies taking this BCA course too, the course is similar to Bsc. CIST course but not like computer and software engineering.

Every course is designed greatly. They all have a scope in the future. As we are in the era of science and technology, they all have a great scope. So, what I want to say is that once thoroughly go through all the IT programs Syllabus in Nepal. And, make a perfect decision to whichever bachelor programs you want to be.

Thank you!!


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