What do you need to focus on to be the nerd at programming, and small advice to all before joining the field of programming?

As being one amongst, the IT student pursuing a bachelor in computer science, I think I can address someone who is perplexed and overwhelmed by the question that, how can I really improve my programming. so no need to worry, here is this blog for you .before starting this blog, I would like to thank all my dears, who always persuaded me to spill out my knowledge in blogs, thank you again.

Foremostly, don’t be the programmer be the problem solver.


PROGRAMMING is hard to learn, but not that much hard, if you know how to tackle the difficulties that you face while going thoroghly. I assure you that, you will be one of the finest learners(smart reader ) after reading this blog. I am going to share all my experience throughout my journey, and many other bunche of stuff, regarding this sector. Hopefully, it would help to sort out your problems and work on that more consciously as before you do.

Here are the some of the hurdles that I faced during my session of programming and I have jotted down some of the problems that have been faced by some of the friends, and some are just on the basis how people share their experience, while they are working on it. follow your passion, never ever do the mistake joining IT considering other’s, that he/she is earning handsome amount of money, he/she is having a very prosperous life, very high scope of it. yeah, the field does have a great scope inside the country NEPAL and great opportunity too, outside the country. just I want to tell you to follow your dreams. I have seen many of my friends joining into this field, and getting stuck with the programming, saying that I would not ace it , so those who are not joined if you are reading this blog then, listen to yourself and research, research, research the field in core and the subjects you are going to read on each semesters or yrs.


  1. feeling low, if you could not solve the problem.

6.feeling low in the class seeing your friends with high ability of understanding.

7.never trying to understand the topic profoundly , going surfacely /

8.being frustrated seeing, elders making app …

9.try to learn c++ ,Java, Python, Linux at once …

10.never using other cross platforms to solve out the problem.(like , StackOverflow,reddit… GitHub )

we have talked about many problems, then what are the mitigating measures that can be followed to overcome this obstacle. lets, talk about it.

Here’s a quick outline of what we’ll be going over:

  1. Have an end goal in mind.

Hope you find these tips helpful!


I don't wanna describe all the topics here right now, I hope you will be able to get that all .. if not I will be writing that on my next blog.

Why not change your learning style? if not now, then when …There are many more things inside any programming language to be understood by the programmers in order to solve out the real-world problems. just, by learning only we cannot learn all the rules, the syntax used in the program. your learning method depends on how long, you are going to remember that subject content, more clearly .learn smartly in the sense that just relate every topic that comes to you relating it with real-life example there are lots of topics which need to be ace by programming, for instance, loop, function, conditional(if..else) …and many more to be included.

So, overall i wanted to mentiom that dont study hard, study smart.

Hope, you people find it useful and thank you so much, makimg your time off from your busy schedule to read my blog. Make sure you people follow me for more informative blogs.

Thank you!

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