What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is something that is either physically or digitally to make your company grow, and reach out to those people who are actually in need of it. If we talk about digital marketing then generally it is done from Instagram , Facebook, youtube right.

So, let’s talk about daraz, sastodeal .so, you are here the user and started searching the best you want and added to the cart, there is something ai embedded inside that, whenever you use Facebook, it will generate the shoes for you, might not be the same one but the different one you would like. This is also a type of digital marketing. Before digital marketing come to the era, there is mostly the marketing that was seen in the Tvs, so the generation has completely changed, barely the people watch the TVs, due to the cozy devices that would just fit in the user's palm.

Let’s talk about how digital marketing is helping in this sector, first the thing is that if we go through all the way from this tvs side, that it would cost more for us while marketing. but the same thing, if we go from the digital side then it will completely lower our cost. And the other advantage is, we can target our audience to which age group and to which location also.

Have you listened about the SEO optimization (this is whenever the people searches your brand on the internet then, it will come at the topmost part, where every person will surely tend to click there which ultimately result, helping your company/business to grow).

So, this is the basic instinct on digital marketing that everyone should keep knowledge of.

Thank you!

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