Windows shortcuts key, save your time.

Here are some of the shortcuts that i have been using till the day and ithas been vey helpful throught out my journey of tech career and working rapidly to my work and any sorts of work that i have to do with my computer. I assure you people, if you are going to use this, you will really find it useful and will thank me later.

1.Ctrl +shift +N — helps you to appear the incognito win in google.

2.ctrl+C : copy

3.ctrl+ v : paste tab : will let you switch your task

5.ctrl +shift+N: will let you make the new folder promptly.

6.ctrl + L : it will help you to lock your pc directly and your pc goes directly tk sleep mode.

7. Win +R: run command window pops up.

8. win+ L : locks your window

9. ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7… : will help

Hope you find it useful, make sure you follow mw for more amazing stuff to come.

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